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For a self-insured organization, health care related costs represent more than 10% of payroll costs, and a significant part of that is likely from erroneous claims. Therefore, self-insured organizations can gain four key benefits by partnering with Meridian Resource Company on claims audit.

  1. Experience. Meridian has extensive auditing experience, including each staff member having at least five years experience with managed care health insurance plans. Meridian's staff has audited Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Plans and Point Of Service (POS) plans, Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans, as well as traditional indemnity plans. Meridian's experience leads to higher levels of recovery and shorter audit timeframes.

  2. Time Savings. The complexity of the claims auditing process--variation in claim forms, contract language, health insurance codes and administrative procedures--can reduce the effectiveness and efficiency of CPA, broker or employer self-audits. That's why you need the trained and experienced staff of Meridian's claims auditors.

  3. Medical Cost Savings. Your company benefits from recovered claim expenses that would have otherwise been lost. In addition, you and your administrator will receive recommendations to help prevent future errors that increase medical costs.

  4. Knowledge and Control. Employers rely on their health care claims administrator for proper and timely adjudication of benefits, and reporting of utilization data. Decisions based on this data are used as a basis for benefit plan design and cost control. When the data includes erroneously paid claims, your organization incurs unnecessary costs and makes decisions on future medical claim management based on incorrect information. Partnering with Meridian on a claims audit allows your organization to make health benefits decisions with confidence.

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