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Looking for Nurse Auditors and  DRG coders for various states.

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eridian Resource Company is a diversified health care cost containment firm. Meridian offers a full range of services to large employer groups, Blue Cross Blue Shield plans and government agencies, which are provided by experienced and expert staff. These services include:


  • Hospital Bill Auditing
  • Subrogation
  • DRG Validation
  • Network Reprising
  • Fee Negotiations

Meridian is a Limited Liability Company and operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of WellPoint, Inc. (WellPoint).  WellPoint is an Indiana-domiciled publicly traded company that, through its subsidiary companies, provides health care benefits to approximately 34 million people. WellPoint is the largest publicly traded commercial health benefits company in the United States.  www.wellpoint.com

Please browse through the services and examples detailed on the following pages to find the services that allow your organization to design a high quality health care savings program that meets your cost containment objectives.

Providing global solutions to your health care costs!






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